Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 103

I’m sitting in my room. This is my third room since starting this project. It wasn’t supposed to take this long. Almost a third of the year has gone by, and we have nothing to show for it. The enthusiasm has disappeared, but the confidence remains. We are on the final leg of the journey, which somehow parallels my life, as the desperate struggle I am engaged in nears its own conclusion.
I am an unassuming individual at this point, who elicit nor solicits pity or sympathy from friends, family, or strangers. The wide-reaching potential is, simply put, staggering. I could be a great success, or this could be my last stand before being driven into a metaphorical sea and annihilated. Extremes, to be sure, but this is how one should prepare for consequences.
The base of the machine is complete. It is operational, needing only to be gift-wrapped for my superior and our clients. Far from complete, but priorities have shifted recently.
I am exhausted.

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